Aqwane Metaverse

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A metaverse composed of several universes and whose economic system is the Nouqouds (NQD) cryptocurrency

Give it a quick glance

We did a quick trailer specially for you, so you can see a small overview of what has been developed !

aqwane trailer
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Stunning visuals

VR Game

Cross Platform

High performance

Different actions, Different opportunities

Players will be able to evolve, play, trade, train, inform themselves, teach, do business, and many other things.

Nouqouds (NQD) on Polygon Network

Here are the reasons why we chose Polygon to create our Nouqouds (NQD) Cryptocurrency.

Low fees transaction

You will be doing a lot of trading within the metaverse, so it is important to have very low fees.


To provide you the best cryptocurrency, we looked for a secure network without the scam reputation.

Fast transaction

To be able to play quickly, it is important to be able to trade your Nouqouds tokens quickly.

Token Utility

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things you can do with the Nouqouds (NQD) token.

Buy tools in game or different kind of goods.

Follow training courses that will be provided in the metaverse.

Buy NFT or regular cosmetics in the game shop.

Do different type of business with other players.

Do transactions with other players in the metaverse.

Buy lands to build and manage your house.

How to Get the Tokens

Private sale N°1


per token

Private sale N°2


per token

Pre Sale


per token

Soft Cap


Hard Cap




per token

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