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We bring innovation to virtual reality

A metaverse designed by a VR passionate team

Our Vision

We envision a world where people can acquire all the knowledge and education they need in a completely unconstrained and innovative way.
A world where our playtime will allow us to acquire new skills and knowledge in an environment where the economic system is based on cryptocurrency, allowing the creation of new opportunities.
The Aqwane metaverse constitutes an innovative ecosystem to attract more people to digital assets while maintaining their privacy, security, authority, and autonomy.
what do we use

Unity software

Unity was chosen for the development of the project because of its affinity with AR/VR and all new technologies, as well as its accessible and fast technical support allowing for rapid game development and quick reaction and adaptation in case of problems.

Unity is also excellent for cross-platform development, which is one of our goals (to have a cross-platform metaverse).

Our values


We place great emphasis on quality and do our utmost to ensure that the project is of the highest quality and exceeds your expectations.


A project can only succeed through the strength of its community members and investors through the involvement and confidence they have in it.


It is important to thank the community for their trust and support for the project. We will be putting various actions that go along these lines.


A solid project relies on the trust of its members and to have this trust it is important for the project to be fully transparent.


When you buy anything in the game, you know exactly what you're getting, and it has a real value. There will be no more loot boxes or gambling.


To build the other values of the project, we will build a proximity with the members, because all those values are connected together.

The team

Abdourahman Boumaya

Chief Executive Officer
Abdourahman is responsible for managing the company's overall operations and strategies.

M. Uzair Ahmad

VR/AR Game Developer
Muhammad leads VR Development Management. He is responsible for the core development of the metaverse.

Qamar Raza

3D Artist
Qamar is the Aqwane 3D artist, he's responsible for modeling and asset conception.

Tyler Fey

Community Manager
Tyler is specialized in help desk support, troubleshooting, client relations and other technical inquiries.

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