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Aqwane metaverse is a catalogue of interconnected virtual reality (VR) play-to-earn games

Our approach

Aqwane Metaverse : A Game Catalog

"Aqwane" is a metaverse project that means multiple universe in arabic. This Metaverse is a catalogue of interconnected games with an economic system based on the Nouqouds cryptocurrency.

It will be composed of several universes, each of them corresponds to a planet and will have its own game (play-to-earn), its own functioning and ecosystem.

Players will be able to choose the game they want to play, use the Nouqouds cryptocurrency in it, switch to another game and meet players from other games easily.

First game

Open world MMORPG

The first planet will be an open world mmorpg with several environments (forest, mountain, desert, etc.). Each environment will have its own specificities, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own races.

The player will be able to choose where to begin.

There will be several villages and cities and each of them will have anevolution system. The cities will contain markets, academies, guild halls, a headquarters, etc. There will also be floor-based dungeon areas in which players can progress.

Different Characters

Different Actions

Different Environments

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